MAG is the leader in providing a comprehensive suite of technical engineering solutions to government, international, and commercial customers. We offer an array of engineering services, from systems engineering and architecture support to deployment coordination support, as well as technical writing and training.

With expertise in C5ISR operations, ISR training, and ISR technical services, we are the preeminent provider of defense engineering services for all branches of the military and the aviation industry worldwide. 

We understand that mission success isn’t just about one element – as the US Army Acquisitions Support Center also affirms. Rather, success is achieved through the combined effort of many, who share resources and information in order to achieve a common goal. 

Not only are we certified as Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSFC) Trusted Integrators, but we also hold certifications from TRACE. We also meet all the Cyber Essentials Requirements certifying us against cyber threats. View our full line of company certifications.

Our approach to providing unique defense engineering solutions is truly customer-centered. We pride ourselves on working each problem by focusing on what is right for the customer, their budget, and their specific needs. 

Our team of experienced JADC2 experts is ready to provide top-of-the-line support throughout the entire project life cycle.

Defense Systems Engineering & Architecture Support

We have developed and perfected system engineering processes to provide our customers with comprehensive system and architectural support. From inception to testing, installation, application, assessment, and operations and maintenance—our processes adhere to the industry’s best practices and standards of excellence. 

These mature procedures are also tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers while helping them stay within their budgets.

In addition to this technical assistance, we also actively collaborate with our clients when it comes to design and operational specifications. We understand that each one has their own unique requirements, so we strive for a perfect balance between the budget guidelines and all of their expectations. This way, we can ensure that all objectives are achieved.

jadc2 engineering services

JADC2 Security Engineering Support

We are dedicated to providing superior security engineering support throughout the entire System Development Life Cycle. We understand that integrated security is essential and can help customers avoid costly redesigns or redevelopments in the future. 

We apply the most advanced analytical and sustainable security approaches to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of protection.

Through vulnerability tests, risk analysis, response planning, and training—we give our JADC2 customers the confidence they need in a secure system. Not only do we strive for excellence in service, but we also employ an innovative mindset and effective execution style that has earned us a reputation as a leader in security engineering.

Software Engineering Support

The need for faster and more adaptable software is critical to today’s mission effectiveness. So much so that the Department of Defense by order of the Deputy Secretary of Defense has implemented a Software Modernization Strategy to ensure the faster delivery of software capabilities in direct support of JADC2. 

At MAG Technology, we have earned a reputation for our in-depth knowledge of software engineering processes and standards, leading to products and support that consistently surpasses expectations. 

Leveraging the latest practices, architectures, and technologies from the IT industries of today, we create custom solutions that address the rapidly changing needs of our JADC2 customers: From increased data volumes and growing distributed mobile workforces to mission-critical requirements and ever-shrinking IT budgets. 

We maximize the functionality of our customers’ systems while ensuring they maintain secure networks within their budget restrictions.

JADC2 Test & Certification Support

MAG boasts a wide array of testing devices and methods, including: 

  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Test Consulting
  • Automated Testing Services 
  • Professional Design & Implementation Of Testing Services 

Our specialized testing departments are a cut above the rest, providing superior performance, SOA, data, package, product, security, and infrastructure testing that fulfills our defense customers’ needs. 

Additionally, MAG is proud to offer certification support services in order to recognize those individuals with an overall understanding of the disciplines and skills represented in information technology. This recognition can be achieved at an accelerated rate with help from our industry-leading certification support services. 

We have spent years refining our defense engineering processes in order to provide certified professionals who understand these comprehensive bodies of knowledge for their respective software fields at the highest level possible.

Software Deployment Support

Our expertise in software deployment and distribution is second to none. We understand that customer needs are diverse and unique, so we customize our processes and procedures to guarantee success. 

Our methods are well thought-out, proactive, and efficient – ensuring customers achieve the highest level of satisfaction with our solutions. Once deployed, customers can have complete confidence knowing their investment is secure with MAG – a company renowned for providing high-level support for its clients. 

By deploying with us, customers can rest assured their software will be up-to-date and adhere to all necessary industry regulations, standards, and cost-effective solutions while still remaining within budget.

defense engineering services training

Engineering Services Training

Customer service and satisfaction are our number one priority, which is why we are committed to providing the highest level of service by delivering exceptional instructional systems tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. 

We leverage the expertise of our highly-qualified team of professionals – many with previous experience in the United States military – who possess a vast array of knowledge in desig​​ning both classroom-based and computer-based learning solutions. 

This allows us to maintain our high standards of excellence and produce quality instructional systems that are guaranteed to provide maximum value for money while also offering an unbeatable degree of customer service.

Defense Documentation/Technical Writing

By creating tailored solutions to best suit our customer’s needs, our technical writing services are able to be both cost-effective and comprehensive. Our team of experienced technical writers are highly proficient in the use of industry-standard tools. 

They have a wealth of knowledge in multiple industries, meaning customers can count on outstanding quality documentation that meets all of their requirements. Whether they need an entire line of specifications for a complex project or require just a single writer for a smaller job, our writers will work closely with them from start to finish to ensure that all expectations are met. 

We also guarantee that our solutions will be tailored specifically to their individual projects, ensuring optimum value for money.

With a devoted team of experts, MAG is able to offer unparalleled defense engineering services and solutions that focus on mission success with continued program support. Check out all of MAG’s capabilities or reach out to speak with our team today!