MAG synchronizes major systems and crucial data with revolutionary simplicity to provide a complete picture of the operating environment, which fosters a proactive and synchronized decision-making system.

Multi-Domain Operations

Ground, Airborne, Space and Cyber Space Operations

MAG connects ground based, dismounted, airborne, cyber, and space systems to support all phases of Multi-Domain Operations to provide decision dominance for an organization to synchronize across all domains.  We provide a technological superiority for our customers to allow for observation, familiarization, decision, and taking unified action rapidly and with greater success than the competitors.

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C5ISR Tactical Operations

MAG enables a joint force to counter and defeat adversaries capable of contesting our customers in all domains (air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace) in both competition and conflict. MAG operates as part of a joint or multinational team to support the deterrence or defeat of customer adversaries.  MAG provides decision makers numerous options for executing concurrent and successive operations using the rapid and continuous integration of capabilities across all domains to enable to enable control over the operational environment.

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Maritime Domain Awareness

MAG enables our customer to effectively understand what is happening in their maritime domain that could impact security, safety, economy, or environment.  MAG provides the key enabler to identify a variety of maritime security issues in order to enable effective patrols to gain maritime domain awareness. MAG leverages the latest tools, technology, and procedures to integrate domain awareness information into the joint environment to drive action.

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Orbital Control Management

MAG supports orbital control by implementing, modernizing, and upgrading the system of sensors, actuators and software to effectively conduct orbital control management. MAG synchronizes antennas and transponders, the power system, and propulsion systems to support orbital control management on a variety of operations.

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Intelligent and Remote Logistics

MAG builds an analytically driven, decision-ready logistics system that autonomously connects program needs with a predictive supply chain that timely forecast the supply of critical items and eliminates human error.  We do this by optimizing plans and predict logistics needs through effective material and equipment planning, allocation and inventory management with our proprietary logistics tool. We design smarter demand plans and a resilient supply chain geared to the specific needs of a program- often in the most challenging of environments supported by our best-in-class global trade compliance program.

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