MAG can provision a complete C5ISR mission-ready solution that is available for immediate use by customers across all domains, where customers can focus on decision making, and not the acquisition of equipment, platforms, or systems.

MAG connects our mission-ready solutions in joint, next-generation C5ISR capabilities across air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace domains on all platforms and systems that is completely integrated into our customer’s architecture.

Turnkey C5isr

Intelligence Reconnaissance & Surveillance (ISR)

MAG operates, deploys, and maintains data collection platforms- both manned and unmanned- that provide ISR capabilities while collecting, processing, disseminating, storing, and maintaining all types of data for our customers. We provide our customers the full spectrum of ISR operations: pilots and mission systems operators; maintenance for the aircraft, sensors, and mission equipment; logistics and support; and site and program management. Multi-intelligence data collection and processing, exploitation, dissemination services include electro-optical infra-red (EO/IR) full motion video (FMV), LIDAR, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), hyperspectral imagery (HSI), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and maritime patrol surface search radar. ISR Technologies are not static, which necessitates a company to be able to adapt quickly, grow and keep up with the rapidly changing times, which MAG has mastered since its inception. MAG continues to integrate, operate, and train on the ever-evolving technology landscape to improve operations.

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ISR Training & Simulation

MAG provides Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) training services to a wide variety of clientele at our in-house ISR Training Center (ISRTC). Our customers include US Federal government, Commercial, Foreign Friendly Governments and International Intergovernmental Organizations. We are platform agnostic, providing training on both manned & unmanned platforms, while utilizing pioneering techniques, and most modern simulators and sensors. Our world class instructors are seasoned ISR professionals and provide in-depth instruction on challenging sensor systems & tactical concepts.

We can also come to you! Our Mobile Training Team will come to your facility; bringing everything you need to complete your certifications.

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Airborne Sensors

Aerial mapping and data collection demands a versatile range of performance, MAG offers a wide spectrum of capabilities and sensors. MAG offers custom solutions that are available for both commercial and federal use. MAG has a proven track record of researching, designing, and developing new products for emerging technology. We have the technical and manufacturing experience to meet your sensor needs.

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Flight Systems & Controls

MAG provides state of the art flight systems and controls for both the manned and unmanned air vehicle in use today. MAG provides innovative flight solutions using traditional radar, GPS-based technologies, or a combination of both. MAG provides guidance and control support to the customer to ensure a smooth integration with the aircraft.

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Flight Operations

MAG operates a variety of fixed-wing, rotary wing, and unmanned aircraft around the world.  Our global presence allows us to operate MAG platforms or assist customers with operating and maintaining their aircraft to build a sustainable flight program. We increase safety and operational efficiency through the use of performance training, safety tools of the highest quality, and other state-of-the-art equipment. MAG offers all of their services and tools to ensure a safe and efficient entry into service and continuous operations for the life of the fleet.

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Contractor Logistics Support

MAG provides complete logistics support functions for our clients, such as providing engineering support, identifying requirements for spare and repair parts, facilities, materiel, equipment, personnel, and performing maintenance on weapon systems.  MAG provides product support throughout a project life cycle.

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Aircraft Maintenance

MAG has been entrusted with the certified maintenance of aircraft used in missions for the United States government and its allies. MAG’s impeccable record of comprehensive service has allowed it be delegated with the critical responsibility of maintaining aircraft used in defense and national security interests of the United States as well as in commercial ventures.  MAG holds all required FAA certifications to effectively support aircraft operations worldwide.

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