MAG provides turnkey, specialty aviation services on unique, non-standard aircraft platforms globally and for a wide variety of customers.

Our services include expertise in ISR aviation operations and training – both manned and unmanned, aircraft/equipment integration and certification, charters, maintenance, and logistics in some of the world’s most austere environments. We have years of safe and successful aviation operations on Forward Operating Bases on all inhibited continents of the world.

Our Tip-to-Tail Solutions

  • Fixed & Rotary Wing Passenger and Aircraft Charters
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Customer Liaison Services
  • Prime contract for FEMA emergency response
  • Prime contract providing fixed wing charter for US Marshals
  • Special Mission Mods – ISR / Air Mobility / Airdrop / Medevac / CASEVAC / Weapons
  • Comm Systems – LOS / BLOS
  • Navigation Systems
  • Avionic Upgrade / Modernization
  • Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE)
  • Weapon Systems /Precision Strike
  • Mission Management Systems

Specialty Aviation Past Performance

An Example of MAG’s Specialty Aviation Services Past Performance:

Our aviation-related services included Fixed & Rotary Wing assets supporting US Army, Special Operations Forces, and the Afghanistan Special Missions Wing (SMW) operated Mi-17 helicopters. MAG provided qualified MI-17V1/V5 Instructor Pilots, Flight Engineers, and Crew Chiefs/Door gunners to the Afghanistan Special Mission Wing (SMW) that supported counter narcotic efforts throughout Afghanistan.

The MAG Team conducted all required operational missions with Afghan-US mixed crews. Operational missions included Counter-Narcotics mission support requirements and all general support mission requirements. Mission profiles included day, night, and night vision goggle operations. We developed a “Green Platoon” training (modeled after the 160th AVN SOAR Regiment’s internal training program) that has been scaled for Afghan utilization and sustainment. This program produced a 50% increase in manning to the Afghan Special Mission Wing night vision capable crews who performed strategically important counter narcotic missions.

Our Missions & Capabilities:

Maritime Patrol

Search & Rescue

Internal Defense

Border Security

Disaster Relief

Infrastructure Protection & Remediation

Environmental Monitoring Missions

Approved Operational & Training Standards

Moreover, MAG’s program has helped build the national means for sustaining the SMW Green Platoon program. In the execution of this effort, MAG provides SECRET cleared and qualified Instructor Pilots (IP), Crew Chiefs, and Maintainers. MAG personnel were responsible for the conduct of training and operations throughout Afghanistan, with the ultimate goal of creating a self-sustaining Counter Narcotics unit that meets approved operational and training standards. Our Team developed MI-17 platform lesson plans and provided hands on training in Flight Theory, Ground Training, Flight Simulator Training and Flight Training as well as developing an Aircrew Door Gunnery qualification program.