Best Buddies Program graduateerin thompson at MAG Aerospace (Best Buddies Program)Erin Thompson, representing the Virginia & DC chapter of the Best Buddies organization, began her journey with MAG Aerospace in February 2022.

She secured her position through the Best Buddies Integrated Employment program, an initiative that aims to foster opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by integrating them into professional settings. Since joining, Erin has been an invaluable asset to the MAG team, consistently demonstrating her skills and commitment. Her vibrant presence is unmistakably refreshing, making her an essential addition to the MAG Headquarters’ internal departments. She consistently goes the extra mile in her duties, exemplifying her dedication and passion.

Beyond her professional contributions, Erin is deeply involved in advocacy. She stands as a staunch champion for the Best Buddies in Virginia & DC Friendship Walk, an event that promotes awareness and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental challenges. Moreover, her prominent role as an advocate underscores her unwavering commitment to championing the rights and potential of those living with such disabilities.

To gain a deeper insight into the transformative work of the Best Buddies Organization and their commitment to fostering inclusivity and opportunities for all, please visit their website at

Congratulations, Erin and thank you for all that you do in support of MAG Aerospace and our mission!