Woodbridge, VA – October 14, 2015 – MAG is pleased to announce our attendance at the 2015 International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference & Exhibition (IACP) hosted in Chicago IL, October 25th-27th. TEAMWorks is a collaborative effort of MAG, Zebra Technologies, and Renaissance Sciences Corporation that delivers a real-time performance intelligence solution to enhance decision making during training and operations. Using non-intrusive, easy to apply, nearly zero weight tags that emit short Ultra-Wideband pulses detected by receivers up to a range of 1,000 feet, TEAMWorks allows trainers and supervisors to track and review the position, orientation, speed, and acceleration of tagged personnel and equipment. Additional sensors can capture weapon discharge, shot hit/miss, heart rate, and other individual and team performance data. Information from sensors is transmitted to a hub and server that translates the raw data into information displayable through web/video feeds, computers, tablets, and wearables, allowing for interactive after action reviews.

IACP attendees will be able to experience TEAMWorks first hand through an interactive, live demo of the system using an active-shooter scenario. Visit booth #4653 at IACP to see for yourself how TEAMWorks can save your organization time and money while providing a training and operational edge.

TEAMWorks Booth # 4653 is located in the back right of the conference hall near the Little Italy Restaurant.

A limited number of reserved demo time slots are available – please visit