Despite being operational again, Tacloban Airport was a canvas of devastation. Overturned vehicles, collapsed roofs, and fields of debris hinted at the destructive force of Typhoon Haiyan. This Typhoon (called Yolanda in the Philippines) had infamously distinguished itself: it was the strongest storm ever record at landfall, the strongest typhoon ever recorded for one minute sustained wind speed, and the deadliest typhoon in Phillipine modern history. At Talcoban Airport, aid workers rushed to unload hundreds of pallets of relief supplies from waiting planes. Among those pallets were several that bore the MAG logo.

In December of 2013, MAG and MAG Logistics joined together to donate urgently needed medicine valued at $500,000 to the government of the Philippines to support relief efforts following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

“All of us at Momentum Aviation Group were saddened and concerned when we learned of the tragic events in the Philippines. As a values ­based company, we are committed to providing assistance in difficult situations like these. We are happy to provide these medicines as a token of our concern for the Philippine people and we look forward to supporting further relief efforts in any way we can,” said Joseph E. Fluet III, CEO of Momentum Aviation Group.

MAG Logistics worked with local aid organizations and the government of the Philippines to provide as ­needed logistical aviation services.

“Having had years of experience in assisting governments with disaster relief, we have often found ourselves involved intimately with the local communities. Being able to assist early on, and hopefully alleviate some of their difficulties, is a responsibility we can’t ignore,” said Stephen Arbib, CEO of MAG Logistics.