leveraging technology integration for the military

Technology integration in the military has become an increasingly important topic in recent years due to the accelerated growth of technology development and the ever-evolving nature of warfare. Technology advancements have allowed for systems to be made faster, more efficient, and more reliable – resulting in increased tactical advantage for our nation’s warfighters.

This is a prime reason why numerous steps have been taken to aid in advancing and innovating technology integration in the Department of Defense. For example, in May of 2021, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense of Acquisition and Sustainment issued policy instructions to help ‘develop, implement and expand the application of innovative practices, processes, and technology to aid in material readiness across the life-cycle of all DoD systems and also to aid in improving base operations.’ The innovation and integration of today’s technology are vital components in mission success.

How We Use Technology Integration to Improve Capabilities?

At MAG, we pride ourselves in our ability to apply the full range of technology integration, including research and development, to enhance products and services. We have the know-how to take technology to the next level by utilizing our ability to notice what others don’t.

We have a proven track history of successfully integrating individual systems to execute more complex tasks. In addition, our commitment to quality and reliability is seen in our use of CMMI Level 3 processes, enabling systems to scale up with increased users/functions without compromising performance. Over the years, MAG has used this proven methodology to develop sophisticated technology solutions for our clients, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations in terms of quality and stability.

technology solutions for the military

Sensory Technology

The improvement of sensory technology has taken a front seat, according to the Department of Defense Summary of the Joint All-Domain Command and Control Strategy. It has become increasingly crucial to advance sensing methods and enhance how information is shared across multiple mission partners. At MAG, we are able to take simple software methods and transform them. This enables us to improve their range of use and applications to carry out complex data sets.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Customization and Integration

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) customization and integration enables existing systems to be modified and upgraded on demand with minimal cost and time investments. This means that customers can access the technology they need faster without sacrificing quality and bearing the high costs associated with developing programs from scratch.

As a certified Commercial Solutions for Classified Trust Integrator, we are well-equipped to provide the research, analysis, and development of new hardware and software that can be easily incorporated into our client’s already existing framework.

Multi-Domain Application Development

Multi-Domain Application Development enables more efficient software solutions with the ability to access multiple data sources simultaneously. MAG specializes in developing software and cloud-based applications tailored to fit the needs of organizations across various domains.

This is accomplished by employing advanced programming languages, web services, and database applications that enable individual contributors to maximize their potential effectively. Each solution undergoes a comprehensive evaluation process whereby design approaches, concepts, or preliminary designs are evaluated against allocated requirements before proceeding into detailed design. MAG guarantees all software products adhere to the highest standards set by the Capability and Maturity Model Integration(CMMI) Level 3 guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction.

Near-Peer/Contested Environments

Near-peer/contested environments complicate matters by requiring a high level of cybersecurity, information assurance, and integrated network resilience strategies due to the unpredictable nature of these scenarios. Our primary objective is to support and protect using all the resources available to ensure resiliency, adaptability, and operational implementation in such situations. We strive to ensure that our system implementations can be utilized through all phases of development and operations.

Immersive Technologies

Preparation is key to any successful endeavor, and with our immersive technologies, we’re able to provide virtual experience scenarios in a simulated environment setting. This allows us and our clients to thoroughly test products and equipment capabilities before they ever enter into real-world situations.

By creating precise modeling and simulation environments, not only can we fully explain and show concepts, but also perform numerous assessments and testing. This allows us to save time and money on costly redesigns. Our state-of-the-art modeling and simulation software, simulators, and tools offer the capability to enable the rapid and cost-effective testing and progression of cutting-edge Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and capabilities.

unmanned and autonomous technology integration

Unmanned Autonomy 

It’s no secret that the use of unmanned and autonomous systems has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The ability to reduce human risk is a considerable factor, and it’s why the DoD is spending so much time and energy incorporating it into their missions.

According to an article in the U.S. Department of Defense news, great strides are now being made with unmanned ground vehicles. Many companies have taken commercial technology and applied it to successful high-risk military missions. This collaboration between the commercial and defense industries is just one example of how technology can be shared favorably across multiple applications.

However, before this can even make it to the mission, it must first be tested. Before procurement and deployment, we must evaluate the key characteristics and performance metrics of new systems or capabilities. This allows us to verify that hardware, software, tools, and methodologies meet operational requirements and are suitable for implementation in a multi-domain environment.

Our engineers have extensive experience providing full prototyping capabilities, including procuring necessary tools, techniques, and hardware to ensure prototypes accurately reflect the deployment scenario. Our experience developing prototype systems can be used to validate proof–of–concepts and demonstrate initial operational capability requirements needed for finalizing a system’s design and eventual production.

Architecture Design

Lastly, architecture design provides a cohesive approach toward integrating existing solutions into cross domain solution environments while ensuring long-term scalability, security compliance, and extensibility for future advancements.

We ensure that all aspects of a project are considered—from the most significant design features down to the finer details. Our engineers use state-of-the-art tools and practices to analyze infrastructure and develop bespoke architecture designs tailored to suit clients’ technology requirements and business goals.

We have implemented solutions for the DoD and the commercial sector, using service-oriented architectures (SOA) such as Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation. Our team has years of experience designing systems that increase reliability, security, and performance and provide operational continuity in critical systems, applications, and networks.

Organizations from all sectors have come to rely upon MAG’s expertise in technology integration in an ever-changing technology landscape. Our solutions have proven invaluable for the military and private sectors, allowing them to utilize our skill sets to remain on the cutting edge of interconnectivity for applications, systems, networks, and more. We provide a reliable foundation for technological needs through streamlined and secure integrations tailored to fit our client’s individual needs.

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