With the Department of Defense (DoD) recently identifying 14 critical technology areas for investment, the DoD Defense Innovation Unit is laser-focused on finding partners and resources that can solve their challenges – sooner rather than later. That means private industry must step up to the plate. In fact, the head of the DIU, Mike Brown, was quoted as saying:

“We’re really trying to look at what all of the innovative companies are doing around the country…because most of what we need to do to modernize the Defense Department is led by industry now; it’s commercial technologies.”

That’s why MAG Aerospace has established Innovation Centers around the country – because practical, nextgen defense technologies and solutions are essential for our nation. We are proactively engineering a safer world, and this is how we’re doing it: 

isr technology engineer a safer world

Creating Communities for Exploring JADC 2, ISR Technology and Other Critical Defense Areas

MAG established  eight Innovation Centers that focus on research and development, networking, and learning across all areas of defense engineering and technology. All enhance and support our mission of ‘Making The World Smaller And Safer,’ and all are unique in their purpose. Here’s a little bit about each one:

Florida Space Coast

Our Titusville, FL Technology Integration & Innovation Center provides robust prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to quickly design, build, integrate, and certify rapid, cost-effective, and innovative solutions for our both private and government clients.

By supplying and integrating the latest technological advances, we can provide fleet modernization, logistical support, manufacturing and equipment upgrades, as well as certification, training, and testing worldwide. 


Our Interoperability Innovation Center focuses on software development, integration, updates, and risk mitigation. Specifically, we provide DevSecOps, software engineering, technology insertion, and configuration baseline management for the development of legacy, new and emerging communications technology. We always engineer and test our software with optimal functionality and security in mind, understanding that both are critical to operational success.


Our Interoperability Innovation Center In Maryland provides software engineering, modeling and simulation, plus hardware design for a variety of communications. It features labs for testing and development:

  1. SATCOM Lab focused on satellite terminal development, interoperability, integration, testing, and repair. 
  2. A full suite of Ku-band, L-band, and modem test equipment with an environmental chamber for screening and testing modems and antenna RF components
  3. A mobile lab that enables Over-The-Air (OTA) satellite testing in conjunction with the CONUS satellite network. 

defense engineering a safer world


This Innovation Center looks at next-generation technology solutions. It features a large customer lab facility for the development, integration, testing, and certification of defense technologies in:

  • AI 
  • 5G
  • Network Operations 
  • Software-Defined Radios
  • Open-Source Software

New Jersey

In Tinton Falls, our Innovation Center focuses on rapid prototyping, development, and concept-to-production engineering capability for software systems, cybersecurity, and R&D.  It’s certified to handle work at the highest levels of national security. This cutting-edge facility uses Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 processes in both government and commercial industries. Here are just a few capabilities our lab provides:

  • Software Architecture & Design
  • Engineering Database Design
  • Big Data Analytics
  • UI Design
  • Web & Desktop Applications
  • Cross Domain Solutions Configuration

North Carolina

Our North Carolina location houses our Live Virtual Instruction Innovation Center. It’s designed to train complex ISR operations to support the next-generation battlefield and the latest Agile Combat Employment (ACE) doctrine. It supports live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training on MAG simulators. Students will be able to practice all the operational tactics, principles, and procedures they need to before reaching their deployed location.

Southern Region (Ft. Walton Beach)

This Interoperability Innovation Center ensures that new defense technologies can be rapidly prototyped, integrated, and inserted to ensure interoperability and relevance throughout the life cycle. We utilize our Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) certification to leverage commercial technologies and products and deliver secure cybersecurity solutions. 

We also provide 6000 sq. ft. of dedicated conference space for low-cost sensor training simulation solutions and U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command level courseware development and training.

Classified Customer

This Innovation Center is committed to performing Cyber Penetration & Vulnerability Testing and supporting the operations of an intelligence community customer. We design and develop crypto devices while also supporting the development of an intergovernmental military alliance radio interconnection device.

We also provide test engineering services supporting space and terrestrial communications customers throughout the US Government, as well as five laboratories, each with very large inventories, 100% inventory auditing, and the processing of new and turned-in equipment.

innovative defense technologies

Why We Need Constant Innovation of JADC2 and ISR Technologies

In a recent report from the Congressional Research Service on Emerging Military Technologies, they noted the need to “keep pace with U.S. competitors.” They cited America’s long history of technological dominance protecting the nation from threats. They also noted, however, that the rapid global development of emerging technologies has put a dent in our defensive advantage, and that a renewed commitment and focus on technological superiority is critical for our nation’s military and defense.

This is no doubt why Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin just released the Pentagon’s unclassified top tech priorities

“We are strengthening the 21st century combat-credible U.S. military that will deter aggression that threatens the interest of the United States or our allies and partners,” Austin said. “That means a military ready to tackle the full range of threats out there, harnessing the American spirit of innovation to meet the complexities of today’s world.”

The Pentagon’s key areas of focus include AI, zero-trust cybersecurity, software modernization, and data management. MAG, through our Innovation Centers, is tackling all of these key areas, answering the challenge of today’s modern warfare, bolstering our nation’s security, and engineering a smaller & safer world.

Check out more information about our Innovation Centers and our other defense and technology capabilities.