Woodbridge, VA, May 6, 2015- The Ivey Business Journal, from one of the most prestigious business schools in Canada, wrote a piece in their May/June issue about the shift to a new maritime age. MAG’s Vice-Admiral (ret.) Paul Maddison, who recently spoke at a maritime conference in Singapore about maritime ISR , was quoted in the article.

“As noted by Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, former commander of the Royal Canadian Navy and a key contributor to Canada’s new Arctic naval strategy, a long list of ominous threats — ranging from contested claims to seabed resources to piracy and sophisticated contraband smuggling by international criminal organizations — already threatens ‘to rob coastal states of their rights to grow, to become more prosperous, and to contribute to making the global system stronger.'” -Ivey Business Journal

The new maritime age is blossoming from difficult and unavoidable changes in the world. This article speculates on the changing conditions and potential outcomes of the World’s climate change, the quadrupling  of naval logistics in the past four decades due to consumerism and our international connection via fiber optic cables below sea level. The changes and the potential effects discussed in the article really open your eyes to how profound the use of maritime trade and communication is, after decades the sea is still running the world and it’s economy. From a economic and defense standpoint, we have a lot to think about when it comes to how we do business in our economy and protecting our waterways.

To read the article on the new maritime age visit the Ivey Business Journal.