Full Spectrum Aerial Surveillance and

Specialty Aviation Services

MAG Aerospace is an industry leader in providing and enabling real time situational awareness to help civilian customers Make the World Smaller and Safer™. MAG’s team of 1,700+ professionals operate 200+ manned and unmanned special mission aircraft more than 150,000 flight hours annually on 6 continents in support of our customers’ missions. MAG’s world class experts flawlessly execute manned and unmanned aerial surveillance operations, aviation training, and technical services for a wide variety of state and local customers.


Why Choose MAG

MAG has a breadth and depth of resources to support the execution of complex operations worldwide with manned, unmanned, and rotary wing aircraft—safely and effectively. Our global operations centers and command, control, communications, and computer services support our clients and missions by ensuring data is disseminated timely and securely to decision makers.


MAG is driven and guided by our core values of Serve-Win-Perform


MAG has developed a reputation as an industry leader in providing aerial surveillance, specialty aviation, training, and support for aerial surveillance operations.


MAG has a record of successfully addressing aerial surveillance and specialty aviation challenges and delivering turnkey solutions for a wide range of customers worldwide.


MAG designs customer tailored solutions that are focused on the results the systems produce and not the systems themselves


MAG employs over 900 individuals worldwide (including over 200 pilots and sensor operators) —  a vast pool of personnel


MAG provides full life cycle support solutions to overcome logistical challenges for mission success in the most austere conditions


MAG performs operations with contractor or customer provided equipment


MAG integrates systems within the existing customer architecture to quickly stand-up operations and ensure continued success


MAG’s worldwide footprint and relationships enable rapid response


MAG is a self performing prime familiar with firm fixed price, cost plus fixed fee/cost reimbursable, and time & materials contracts


MAG manages, schedules, and integrates teaming partners/subcontractors into “One Team” to accomplish customer tasks


MAG employs project management, accounting, labor reporting and compliance tools for effective contract compliance


MAG uses a robust risk management framework, with a detailed risk assessment undertaken for each project


MAG operates in complete compliance with US and foreign laws, including all appropriate export compliance regimes


MAG’s human resource processes allow us to focus on strategic activities instead of manual processes


MAG’s lean, responsive, agile organizational structure has clear lines of authority, supervision, and coordination


MAG’s key performance indicators, customer feedback, and inspection programs allow us to identify and correct deficiencies


MAG’s staffing approach provides a rapid ramp-up upon contract award and successful retention over the life of the project


MAG can establish operations and manage personnel anywhere in the world


MAG can provide all required services, equipment, vehicles, and personnel at multiple locations for extended periods


MAG has established highly responsive and agile maintenance processes that extend and enhance equipment service life


MAG offers a technology solution that ensures efficient financial and property management with central reporting


MAG’s Project Management Office ensures all measures of effectiveness, reports, and deliverables are met and submitted on time and accurately


MAG has an established corporate infrastructure that includes existing office locations, local vendors, and foreign clearances in 57 countries


MAG has effective systems and processes to receive, track, inventory, and issue all furnished equipment, supplies, and property


MAG’s deployment specialists lead a streamlined process to meet Federal, Regional, or customer specific requirements


MAG has a proven process to obtain visas, special business licenses, and exemptions required to conduct operations overseas

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Solutions for Civilian Customers

Learn more about how MAG provides a variety of solutions that enable real time situational awareness for civilian customers