Inclusion is the glue

Supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce ensures that everyone can fully contribute to the organization’s successes and helps us be more effective at making the world smaller and safer.  We uphold our core value of serve by treating each other with respect while maintaining positive and trusting relationships.  Inclusion is the glue to ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging at MAG. The goal is for employees to be comfortable sharing their ideas because those perspectives are respected and appreciated. It is very important to MAG that everyone feels valued and has an equal opportunity to grow and succeed.

The Way Forward

Differing perspectives make us better. We have more opportunity to WIN when perspectives, ideas, feedback, and hard work come together. Every location, functional area, and employee level are included in our diversity and inclusion efforts. No one person is called upon to represent an entire community but together, we can create a workplace culture that drives the business forward.

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

In November 2020 MAG Aerospace developed a Diversity Advisory Council to honor MAGs commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion. The Diversity Advisory Council was developed to lead, facilitate opportunities, and develop achievable actions to raise awareness about the importance of fostering diverse, inclusive, and transparent teams throughout our organization, while staying true to our core values of Serve, Win, Perform.

The Council has begun with a group of ten nominated employees, including a member of the MAG leadership team, who will serve a term of 12-18 months on the Council; they meet quarterly to brainstorm, develop strategies to foster an environment of diversity and inclusion throughout all its Business Units, and ensure MAG implements key strategies to continue their productivity, engagement, and retention.

Best Buddies Partnership

In 2022 MAG entered a partnership with Best Buddies, a global non-profit dedicated to the professional inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As part of this partnership, a Best Buddies Integrated Employment Program job participant joined MAG; her role as Administrative Assistant provides support to three of our Headquartered teams – Legal, HR, and Facilities.

In April 2022, the MAG team further expanded our partnership with Best Buddies by fundraising and taking part in the Best Buddies Friendship Walk on the National Mall.

This is not the end of our partnership with Best Buddies and our commitment to support the Best Buddies mission – we look forward to a long-lasting relationship!


One of the reasons I like working for MAG is we ensure that no matter our differences, we all support each other and have a sense of belonging. We work together as a team, toward a common goal and mission.

Lynn Tenneson

Manager, Budget

At MAG we embrace different cultures, ethnicities, and individuals with disabilities. As a member of the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council, I enjoy engaging and networking with my colleagues while promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace and in the community. I’m excited to see how our efforts impact our employees over the months and years to come!

Beatrice Springfield

Cybersecurity Engineer

I am encouraged to seek out challenging work assignments and have been given opportunities to continue my education, expanding my knowledge and proficiency. My team members are always willing to share their expertise to help me succeed in my role. Our cohesive and inclusive team works together to get superior results. During my tenure at MAG, I have grown the most in my field of expertise, and for that I am very grateful!

Ricardo Maldonado

Sharepoint Developer


MAG developed an Outreach Program, identifying an internal resource to develop and maintain key relationships with local and community organizations to understand their focus and support them, implement strategies within MAG, promote MAGs open roles, and ultimately hire a more diverse workforce. The Outreach Program consists of relationships, vendors, systems, continued education, working groups, and networks.

Let's Engineer a Smaller andSafer World Together!