Sensor Operator Training


  • All instructors are qualified to instruct and have experience with multiple sensors and operating software in various theaters of operation
  • MAG maintains current operating procedures for multiple SOF/HVT/Counter-Narcotics/Border Patrol and maritime missions
  • Training available with MAG aircraft and FLIR Family of sensors, or with customer-owned equipment at customers location
  • Courses of instruction customized based on needs of customer, type of equipment, type mission, end-state desired
  • Instructors currently supporting real world operations
  • Downed Aircrew Procedures (Escape and Evasion)
  • Downed Aircrew Emergency Medical Instruction


  • Basic through Advanced
  • Switchology through Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)
  • Current TTP’s being used in SOF mission sets


  • Based out of Moore County Airport – Southern Pines NC
  • Exportable to customer location